Veterinary Instruments

Our product range includes:

  • Instruments for general surgery
  • ENT instruments
  • Eye instruments
  • Dental instruments
  • Instruments for castration
  • Teat instruments
  • Instruments for hoof and claw treatment
  • Instruments for nail and hair
  • Sterilizes instruments
  • Sterilization container
  • Gloves, masks, hoods
  • Practice equipment


If you need products that are not listed on this overview,
we kindly ask you to ask us about them. Thank you.


A careful selection of suppliers creates the basis for the high quality level of all MedProVet products. Constant and precise quality controls ensure the reliability and functionality of all MedProVet products.


Serious quality assurance starts with checking the material in the delivery condition. This is already checked by the material supplier and confirmed with a tool certificate.


Materials other than stainless steel are only used to a small extent in the manufacture of instruments today.


Rust-resistant stainless steel is the right material for blunt, sharp, cutting, resilient or tubular instruments.


The corrosion behavior of surgical and veterinary instruments is decisively determined by good surface treatment and edge rounding or edge softening. Grinding and polishing ensure the uniformity of the surface, which is a prerequisite for optimal corrosion resistance.


The high quality standard of our products gives the doctor the guarantee that he is being operated with technically perfect instruments.

Hoof examination forceps round model

 Birthing forceps for dogs

Claw nail pliers with buffer spring for dogs

Claw scissors for cats

Claw tongs with plastic handle

Mouth gag for dogs

 Maulgager rabbit light model

Maulgager rabbit strong model

Tooth rasp

Hoof examination forceps model Vienna

 Neuter hook for cats

Claw scissors

Bird ring scissors

Claw pliers with screw and plastic handle

Cheek spreaders for rabbits

Maulgager rabbit strong model

Tooth cleaner with hawk beak

Alm wound lock