Preserving creation - our ecological awareness


For the trading of med-commerce® has ecological awareness a great importance. Against the background of increasing pollutant emissions, huge mountains of rubbish, increasing energy consumption and environmental disasters, we too are dealing with the ever-increasing environmental damage and its importance for society.


Our position is characterized by Christian responsibility, which is based on the act of creation. For the future it is important to have one sustainable treatment of creation to ensure that future generations can live a decent life on earth.


The preservation of nature is very important to us.

That's why we only use 100% recyclable packaging and packaging materials.

Packaging materials that are no longer required (bubble film, boxes, etc.) are separated by us and passed on to friendly business partners. This material is directly reused without further recycling measures.

Recyclable materials such as CDs, toner or ink cartridges are handed over to competent recycling companies. These components are processed accordingly.