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The common element of the business definitions is that the quality of a product or service refers to the perception of the degree to which the product meets the customer´s expectations.

The most progressive view of quality is that it is defined entirely by the customer or end user and is based upon that person´s evaluation of his oder her entire customer experience. The customers experience is the aggregate of all the touch points that customers have with the company´s product and services, and is by definition a combination of these. 

When modern quality techniques are applied correctly to business, engineering, manufacturing or assembly processes, all aspects of quality, customer satisfaction and fewer defects/errors and cycle time and task time/productivity and total cost, etc. must all improve or, if one of these aspects does not improve, it must at least stay stable and not decline. So modern quality has the characteristic that it create and-based benefits, not or-based benefits.

med-commerce® has established and is maintaining a quality system which meets with
requirements of DIN EN ISO 13485:2016.